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08 December 2016 @ 11:07 am
MADOZOKU MEMBERS - December 2016  

Hi guys, guys Playzone!
Today I'm here to help new fans to understand few basic things:

- 01 :  What is Madozoku?
"Madozoku" means "Musical Academy Family", aka Dance Family,
so all groups that come from MA (Musical Academy) are part of Dance Family:
MA, M.A.D (Musical Academy Dancing), Ma-Mix, "MAD", They武道 (TheyBudou), ふぉ〜ゆ〜, MADE, 宇宙Six (Uchuu Six).

- 02 : Is Travis Japan part of Madozoku / is this community about Travis Japan as well?
No, Travis Japan isn't part of Madozoku, because even though the group was created by Travis Payne for PLAYZONE '12,
the group doesn't descend from Musical Academy. That's why this community doesn't talk about TraJa, who has its own community.
Sometimes you can find mention to the members here because they starred various butai together with Dance Family's groups,
but there's nothing more

- 03 : Who are the current Groups/Members of Dance Family?
You can check it here, in this scheme or in the profile of this community.

- 04 : Who are the former members/groups of Dance Family?
You can check it in the family tree of the various groups:

° MA (Musical Academy)

° M.A.D. (Musical Academy Dancing) First Generation

° M.A.D. (Musical Academy Dancing) Second Generation Part 1

° M.A.D. (Musical Academy Dancing) Second Generation Part 2

° They武道 / 宇宙Six (TheyBudou / UchuuSix)

° MADE (Musical Academy Dancing Extra)
pieremaechai_pieremae on December 9th, 2016 02:08 am (UTC)
wow, thank you for this.
makes the group and other groups much understandable.
i really though TraJa is part of dance family even snowman.
you mentioned about their community, is there anyway you can share them? been looking for one.
think you!
Housekinihousekini on December 9th, 2016 05:29 pm (UTC)
Snow Man descends from Dance Family, at the time it was called M.A.D.E, then after the split and re-conjunction, with the various change of names they started to appear a lot in Shokura and other tv shows with the other jrs and less in butai and Arashi/Kinki cons that was Dance Family job...

About TraJa this is the community I know: http://travis-japan.livejournal.com/

Have a nice weekend!