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cumiechikicumiechiki on December 9th, 2016 04:32 am (UTC)
i thought onodera was mis snowman first before moved to MAD in 2009? or was he MSM & MAD at the same time?
Housekinihousekini on December 9th, 2016 08:24 pm (UTC)
In APRIL 2008 Jr. BOYS (Sanada, Nozawa, Iwamoto, Watanabe, Miyadate, Sakuma, Onodera) took the name M.A.D.E for more or less a month.

In MAY 2008 M.A.D.E members were split in Top3 (Sanada, Nozawa, Hashimoto) and Jr. BOYS (wamoto, Watanabe, Miyadate, Sakuma, Onodera)
Yes, they took back the old name) and to other 6 guys (former M.A.D: Imai, Inaba, Takahashi, Akiyama, Tomioka, Yamashita) was given the name MADE.

In JULY/AUGUST 2008 (for Summary), Hashimoto was taken from Top3 and put with A.B.C forming A.B.C-Z and Sanada-Nozawa were just back as individual juniors but always danced with Jr. BOYS during Shokura.

In JANUARY 2009, for Takizawa Kakumei Sanada-Nozawa were officially put back with Jr. BOYS and the unit took the name Mis-Snow-Man.

In JUNE 2009 Onodera was moved in M.A.D.

At the end of SUMMER 2009 Onodera left JE.

In OCTOBER 2011 Sanada-Nozawa started appearing together in Waratte Iitomo TV Show and they gave them the name Noon Boyz, but it was just a sub-unit of Mis-Snow-Man.

In the BEGINNING OF 2012 Noon Boyz became an official unit and Mis-Snow-Man lost its name and it looks like they at first thought of disbanding it, but Takki took the boys under his wing and gave them the name Snow Man.

<-- I hope that's more clear now ^^

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