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24 October 2020 @ 12:00 am
Here are the official rules and guidelines for mix_madmade .
A link to this post has been added to the sidebar, should you ever need to access the rules.

All media posts are locked for members only, so please read and comment in THIS ENTRY before you JOIN the community if you wish to download.

05 November 2017 @ 10:51 am
Yamamoto Ryota, Meguro Ren from UchuSix and Tomioka Kento (MADE) together with Sano Mizuki will be in a stageplay, "Momoyama Beat Tribe".

The stageplay will be held in EX Theater Roppongi starting from 11/23 to 12/3 for 13 shows.

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05 November 2017 @ 10:32 am
The six members of UchuSix will be in a stageplay called "SQUARD" as main cast. (source)
The news was revealed yesterday, 11/4.

The stageplay which is originally from an action drama tells a story about Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman and others team up to save the world. Young members from 30-DELUX will join them and they will challenge in doing action like sword fighting etc.

UchuSix was formed November last year.
This is their first stageplay as six.

"So that we'll be able to show you the side of UchuSix that you've never seen before, we'll do our very best to gather our strength and create the best work," said Matsumoto Kota (28) eagerly.

The stageplay will be performed in New National Theater, Tokyo next spring, from 3/28 for 5 days and in Kintetsu Art Museum, Osaka from 4/5 for 4 days.

Addition: due to other work (Kabuki, probably?), Hayashi will be voice acting only.

Congratulation!!! \(^o^)/

And also, they are having their UchuSix Wangan Live in Odaiba yesterday and today for 5 shows.


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04 November 2017 @ 11:37 pm

Stage play Momoyama Beat Tribe starring Yamamoto Ryota and Meguro Ren from Uchu Six. There's also Tomioka Kento from MADE and Sano Mizuki. It will run from Nov. 23 - Dec. 3 at EX Theater Roppongi.

30 second SPOT CM

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02 November 2017 @ 04:40 pm

(I forgot to post this here, I only posted it at kansai_juniors community. Again, sorry. orz)

Yara Tomoyuki's starring musical DOGFIGHT is going to have a re-run this coming December 14-30.
Yara stars alongside with Kansai Junior members Hamanaka Bunichi and Suezawa Seiya.
DOGFIGHT is a musical with music and lyrics by Pasek and Paul and a book by Peter Duchan.

Just like what Suezawa said on his previous Kansai Jr. Journal entry, "Even though the title has a "dog" in it, it's not about dogs."

I've found a synopsis on the internet. This synopsis is based on the DOGFIGHT book by Duchan.
Read it here.Collapse )
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20170621ゴゴスマ FukuKosshi cut
Screencap preview, *.mp4, 1280x720, 59.1mb 5m30s
Source: ripped and cut from Youtube
Download: MEGA
After not appearing on Gogosuma for 2 weeks, 4U's location shoot is finally back but for some reason on the Wednesday episode instead of the usual Tuesday episode. Fuku-chan and Kosshi take an overnight ferry from Sendai to Hokkaido.

When I was looking around on Youtube, I randomly stumbled on Matsu's appearance on Igai Seijin at the beginning of the year! For those that haven't seen in yet, you can enjoy Zaki-san's freestyle rap xD

20170103 Igai Seijin Japapapaan - Johnny's Jr part
Screencap preview, *.mp4, 1280x720, 84.5mb 3m57s
Source: たこちゃん@YT
Download: MEGA
13 June 2017 @ 10:02 pm
Hello guys!
It's been a while!
I hope all of you are doing alright!

So, I'm here for various things...

-First of all to remember you that 4U. no Pita Raji is being now updated in the MASTERPOST,
and not in single posts, so even if you don't see the update, go checking the masterpost.
(you can easily find it clicking on the tag "radio: pita raji".

-Second thing, the updates (I'm not calling them "news" because they are pretty old, already)

°All CREA performances for MADE and UchuuSix ended safely, with the boys very happy and energetic.

°The other day MADE finished also their back dancing performances at NEWS tour NEVERLAND.
Tomioka Kento was injured during the first dates of the tour, but was back being healthy during CREA,
so I guess he recovered.

°MADE will have its own J-Web starting from this month. So far it wasn't updated yet.

°On May 31st it's been released "ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2016-2017 Are You Happy?" DVD and Blu-ray.
MADE and the new born UchuuSix backdanced the shows.

°On June 19th, 4U.'s Tatsumi Yuudai will appear in an episode of Arashi's Aiba Masaki drama "Kizoku Tantei".
(I'll link you the episode when it will be aired)

°On June 20th 4U. will be special guest in A.B.C-Z radio show "Konya wa J's Club".
(I'll link you the radio show when it will be aired)

°4U.'s Matsuzaki Yuusuke appeared in Jagabee CM together with Arashi's Aiba Masaki.
Here the link thanks to chuckles0505.

°It's been announced that 4U. will be starring a entertaining stage show called "GACHI".
The performances will be held at Tokyo's Theatre Creation from August 11 to August 27th.
For more details check the official website: http://www.tohostage.com/gachi/

- Last thing, I'm very grateful to who is helping with this community sharing stuff etc,
really, my biggest thank you guys, and sorry if sometimes I can't thank you personally,
I'm rarely on LJ lately because I moved my page on Dreamwidth because of the new stupid rules.

I'm really sorry for the lack of news in the community, I don't know japanese, and all news are in
japanese. When I had more time, I spent like 2-3 days gathering news and patiently trying to
translate them in english/understand them, and then I reported them, but now I've no more
such time, and our beloved Eru is even more busy than before, so much that she's even difficult
to reach.

That's why right now, in this post I'm sending a request call through this post to all the mods I
find listed in the Mix Mods page.

In alphabetical order:
angelina1303 , drowsy_observer , heart283 ,misosirumisteloctober , windsurfer407 , yararanger

Girls, I know some of you, and have no idea about who are some other of you,
for who don't know me I'm Pelko, the only mod who was around in the latest two years, but just me
for the guys isn't enough. I can't japanese and I don't have too much time, so I can't even bring the last
infos about our boys to the Madozoku fans... And this makes me feel super-sorry for the fans, but above
all for the boys, who really deserve someone better than me to advertise them.

I'm not quitting as fan or as mod, just asking for your help in updating the latest infos.
I take care of uploads I find, like radio and tv shows, I can rip DVDs etc, but being ignorant in japanese
doesn't really allow me to take properly care of the "news updates" part.

Please, tell me at least if you girls are still mods, still fans, if you're on hiatus, if you left the fandom or are you still around.

Our boys deserve someone who can properly help to spread their love!
Thank you very much for everything. m( _ _ )m
I'll wait for your answers.
Messages to MADE Fan Project

Due to a stroke of luck I will be attending the first of MADE's solo CREA stages.
In light of that, I have set up a small project for expressing international love to MADE by colating/printing/delivering postcards to the boys.

For more information on how it works, or to send a message to these amazingly talented boys, please click the picture above.

I hope you'll participate!!

P.S.Collapse )
27 February 2017 @ 03:37 pm
Hello guys!
How are you? Hopefully better than me!
First of all, thank you very much to everyone who helps with updates!
I'm deeeeeeply grateful!
PS: Remember that every file you guys update must be wrote and linked HERE in Mix Masterlist,
as soon as you post your entry, or it will turn a hell for us to go searching for the file and fill the list in your place.

Now, let's talk about few updates:

- As I wrote in the last update Fukuda Yuta appeared in episode 3 of the detective drama
Shikaku Tantei Higurashi Tabito
, in which he married KAT-TUN's Ueda Tatsuya.
You can check it out HERE.

- The DVD and Blu-Ray of A.B.C-Z stageplay " ABC座2016 株式会社応援屋!! 〜OH&YEAH!!〜"
(ABC-za 2016 kabushikigaisha ouenya! ! 〜 OH& YEAH!!〜) will be released on March 15th,
MADE and TheyBudou appeared in it.
*I'm going to buy it, so don't worry, you'll be able to watch it*

- On February 19th, 4U.danced with Ikuta Toma in the TV show おしゃれイズム (Oshareism).
You can watch the performance HERE thanks to chuckles0505 .
The day after Toma also mentioned the show, and in specific Tatsumi in his J-web. >>Click<<
(He even wrote the Sankyuu Sankyuu Desu 4U. uses as greeting! So cute!)

- 4U. is going to have a new butai, directed by Kishikiori-san, called 「23階の笑い」
(23-kai no warai). The show will be hold in Tokyo's Ginza, Hakuhinkan Theater from
April 27th to May 7th, in Nagoya's Youth Cultural Center Artopia Hall from May 9th
to May 11th, in Fukuoka's Kurume City Plaza, The Grand Hall in May 13th and 14th,
in Osaka's Sankei Hall Breeze in May 18th and 19th.
More infos will be given later, for now KANRIKA wrote a post about it in her blog: CLICK

- Johnny's Ginza 2017 (CREA) 's performances have been announced.
This year too, 4U. won't partecipate, but MADE and UchuuSix will have many shows,
and even joint shows. Official web-site: http://www.tohostage.com/johnnys-ginza/

Here the schedule:

May 18th 18:00 (6PM)
May 19th 14:00/18:00 (2PM/6PM)
May 20th 13:00/17:00 (1PM/5PM)

May 21st 17:00 (5PM)
May 23rd 14:00/18:00 (2PM/6PM)
May 24th 14:00/18:00 (2PM/6PM)
May 25th 14:00/18:00 (2PM/6PM)

May 26th 18:00 (6PM)
May 27th 13:00/17:00 (1PM/5PM)
May 28th 13:00/17:00 (1PM/5PM)

*Click on the image to enlarge*

For the news it's all, talk to you later with 4U. no Pita Raji update!
20 January 2017 @ 08:12 pm


So, lately there aren't many news about our babes...

Basically the only new things are:

- Unfortunately this year too, only Hayashi Shota will be part of Takizawa Kabuki cast.

- The other day Yara appeared at Shounen Club filming that will air in February and (according to my source who was
present in the audience) he talked about SHOCK that will start on February 1st.
(Other than Yara, also Matsuzaki and Fukuda will appear in Domoto Koichi butai)

- On January 25th, Tatsumi will appear with Nakayama Yuma on "Piiko& Hyodo no Piichikepaachike" TV show,
talking about the butai "Soleil" they're currently performing in.

That's all for what I know...

If you have more news, please let us know.